Frequently Asked Questions

By definition telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services and related information using technology that enables contact between patients and healthcare professionals as well as information sharing among healthcare specialists in order to expand access to healthcare services. Technologies like the internet, satellites, or cell phones are employed for this purpose. 


On our platform, we mean consulting with a doctor on video / audio call using our website and app is Telemedicine.

We cannot answer this question. It depends on your health / medical condition and urgency for doctor consultation.

It's not always convenient or easy for everyone to get medical care. Telemedicine makes it possible to access healthcare more swiftly, practically, and locally. Telemedicine is another option for receiving professional medical care. Telemedicine has the benefit of reducing waiting and travel times as well as time away from work or other obligations. Basically Telemedicine gives you instant support at your sudden critical moment or a follow-up meeting with a doctor. Since telemedicine may not always be acceptable, you might require a medical expert's assistance to decide whether it is appropriate.

Millions of individuals use telemedicine on a global scale to keep track of their health, maintain good health, and avoid trips to the ER and hospital. Several corporate hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh currently use telemedicine in some capacity. Sasthya Seba App can be downloaded by both patients and professionals to use on mobile devices to support telemedicine.

Generally, the doctor doesn't leave the call instantly when you get disconnected instantly. They wait for you. But the wait time is limited to 2 minutes maximum. So in this interval if you can rejoin the call, then it’s ok. If you cannot make it, then the doctor may offer a free consultancy afterwards. But it solely depends on the doctor.

Because of poor internet connection it can happen. If this happens, we recommend you not to leave the call, Wait for few minutes. After waiting if the doctor doesn't join the call again, please inform us via phone call. We will validate the matter with doctor and arrange another free video consultation as soon as possible.

You will get a digital prescription generated by the doctor within a few minutes after the call ends. You will get the prescription available as an image / pdf file in the appointment section in your Sasthya Seba Profile.

You can cancel an appointment before 24 hours of scheduled time. It may also vary doctor to doctor. Canceling appointment frequently affects your profile scoring in our system.

No. You have to pay online upfront for all video call appointments.

Yes. But you have to inform us only by phone call before 24 hours of scheduled time.