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Need a Doctor to Visit your Loved One at Home? Dial - 09611 530 530

Need a Doctor to Visit your Loved One at Home? Dial - 09611 530 530

Sasthya Seba Limited has introduced a brand-new health program in Bangladesh called "Home-Centric Primary Care", where a doctor and a paramedic will visit patients at home with necessary medical equipment’s four days a month.


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Do you need any expert suggestion about your health condition?

Do you need any expert suggestion about your health condition?

We have a dedicated team of experienced doctors to give you suggestion when you are at a critical health condition or you are confused.


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Physiotherapy Service at Home

Physiotherapy Service at Home

Are you suffering from pain? The Solution is physiotherapy, also referred to as physical therapy. Our physiotherapists are licensed medical professionals who employ physical techniques to aid patients in reducing pain and enhancing or regaining mobility. Over the years, we provide Physiotherapy service at home for Geriatric, Balance Issues, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Surgery, Hip, Knee, Calf, Ankle, and Foot Surgery, Post-Surgical Recovery, Joint Replacement, and Accidental Recovery.

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Home Sample Collection for Lab Test

Home Sample Collection for Lab Test

Home Sample Collection is a service offered by Sasthya Seba that brings diagnostic assistance right to the patient’s home. Our goal is to provide high-quality special healthcare services to patients who are unable to visit the hospital to provide blood, urine, or stool samples for treatment or regular health checkups. At your door, our medical professionals and technicians will come to collect the samples, from the convenience of your home. We will email you the report's soft copy as soon as it is published. A hard copy of the report will be sent to the patient within 48 hours.

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Buy Health Checkup Package

Buy Health Checkup Package

In our society, it is a tradition to see a doctor only when you feel unwell or sick. People still don't realize that some diseases that have plagued our bodies for years take time before their signs and symptoms appear physically. By regular health checkup, we can identify such potential risks early and prevent them. So, purchasing health packages is a good decision for a patient or a general person. We have different types of health packages like executive health packages, general health packages & foreign medical health checks for both males & females.

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Buy Health Insurance

Buy Health Insurance

During medical emergencies, a health insurance plan provides substantial financial support. The costs of crucial illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and so on can have a significant impact on your financial situation. A health insurance plan can provide you with substantial financial coverage to cover the costs of treatment both in Bangladesh and overseas. It also covers hospitalization, diagnosis, ambulance, and prescription costs, as well as the convenience of fast payouts for increased financial flexibility. Health insurance not only covers future costs but also provides financial assistance in the present. You can claim tax deductions. This can assist you in lowering your overall tax liability.

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Frequently asked questions

Sasthya Seba is an online platform for integrated healthcare services, which is operated by Sasthya Seba Limited and used by doctors, patients, clinics and hospitals.

Sasthya Seba helps by offering a wide range of convenient healthcare services, like: 

  1. Doctors Appointment.
  2. Telemedicine (Doctor consultation over video/voice call).
  3. Hospital Information.
  4. Diagnostic Information.
  5. Ambulance Service.
  6. Diagnostic Home Service.
  7. Domiciliary & Physiotherapy Services.
  8. Medical Instruments Rental.
  9. Sample collection for Diagnostics.
  10. Medical Tourism Services.

The fee for consultations is decided by the doctor. We have no control over the price.

It's not just for people who are tech-savvy, though. Usability has been our key area of attention. Therefore, using the site shouldn't be a problem if you can manage a simple website or email. Now, if you want to schedule a doctor's appointment, simply use our search option and enter the name of the physician, their area of expertise, or the illness you have. When you see the appointment button and the doctor's brief bio, click it. Keep calm and follow the appointment platform's instructions; soon you will receive an appointment confirmation.

Yes. We provide nationwide service.

In Bangladesh, Sasthya Seba Limited (SSL) currently offers both domestic ground ambulance and air ambulance services. According to the needs of our patients, there are Basic life support ambulances, critical care transport ambulances.

  • Basic / No-Ac Ambulance service
  • Life Support / ICU Ambulance service
  • Freezing / Mortuary Ambulance service
  • Neonatal / NICU Ambulance service
  • Patient Transport Vehicle
  • Air Ambulance service

We cannot answer this question. It depends on your health / medical condition and urgency for doctor consultation.

It's not always convenient or easy for everyone to get medical care. Telemedicine makes it possible to access healthcare more swiftly, practically, and locally. Telemedicine is another option for receiving professional medical care. Telemedicine has the benefit of reducing waiting and travel times as well as time away from work or other obligations. Basically Telemedicine gives you instant support at your sudden critical moment or a follow-up meeting with a doctor. Since telemedicine may not always be acceptable, you might require a medical expert's assistance to decide whether it is appropriate.

It depends on the service providers associated with us. Some of them offer free sample collections, some of them don’t. If home collection is not possible then we will provide you with the nearest center details. You can go there and give blood or other samples.

Yes, nowadays it's so easy to call a physiotherapist at home and take treatment from a registered doctor at your convenient place. Just make a call at 01405600700 or 09611530530, and within a short time our service will reach the required place.

Yes, we have qualified male and female physiotherapists. All of our physiotherapists are qualified to handle both critical and non-critical patients.

It goes without saying that the service of a doctor is a very challenging yet very honorable job. But the question of why booking a doctor appointment at Sasthya Seba is also essential. Here is why:

  • Service is Priceworthy
  • Fast and Hassle-free Online Appointment Booking
  • Prompt Service of Specialized Doctors in Various Services
  • Consult with Specialized Doctors
  • Doctor Consultation (Over Video/Voice Call)
  • Can Show Reports to Doctors Instantly Online
  • Ambulance Service (AC, ICU, or AIR Ambulance)
  • Rich-quality Diagnostic Care and Cost-effective
  • 365/24/7 Reasonable Service Provider
  • Deliver Prescription Immediately
  • Home Physiotherapy Service
  • And Many Others

By origin, Sasthya Seba is a powerful online platform that serves integrated healthcare services. So, you can take lots of advantage of this service, such as:

  • Reserve Appointment Online
  • Instant Contact (Video / Voice Call)
  • Health Checkup Package
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospital Information
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Medical Instruments Rental
  • Diagnostic Home Service
  • Home Physiotherapy Service
  • Lab Test Sample Collection from Home
  • And Much More

These are the services from which you can take advantage instantly. On a quick note, they also have a mobile app that offers you to take immediate action when necessary.