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Request this packageOn Demand Doctor at Home!

If you need a primary care or, whenever you / someone of your family members or friends are not feeling well and you want some experienced MBBS doctor at home to inspect issue (illness) at a very early stage then, this is the service you need!

# Single Visit.

# Visit Duration : Max 20 minutes.

# Basic health vitals check included.

# 90 minutes arrival time needed.

Best Value
Request this packageHome Centric Primary Care!

Sasthya Seba Limited has introduced a brand-new health program in Bangladesh called "Home-Centric Primary Care", where a doctor and a paramedic will visit patients at home with necessary medical equipment’s four days a month.

# Monthly 4 visit.

# 1 MBBS Doctor & 1 Physiotherapist

# Visit Duration: 30 minutes.

# Basic health vitals check included.

Frequently asked questions

When a patient is unable to visit a doctor’s for any reason chamber then you can call an experienced doctor to your only home for primary checkup and better understanding the condition of patient. 

See On Call Doctor Package details.

We do not recommend this service for patients having life threatening or medical conditions. They should immediately visit a specialized doctor or nearest hospital.

Home centric primary care is a monthly doctor-on-call service package. 

Consider one of your family members needing regular observation by an experienced registered doctor, or you want them to be observed regularly by an experienced registered doctor. For this kind of need we have designed a primary healthcare package where an experienced MBBS doctor with an experienced physiotherapist will visit your home once weekly (monthly 4 times) to observe your patient. So that you can get a better understanding of their health condition and an updated health record.

Basic tests like pulse rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, blood oxygen level are included with every package. Other tests / screening like Instant ECG, X-ray, Kit Tests, Blood / Stool / Urine / Saliva collection for lab test are also available in different package. Please see details of home centric primary care packages.

All of our doctors & physiotherapists for home call and listed in our platform are experienced and BMDC / BPA registered. So we can say all of them are government approved. 

You can cancel an appointment before 24 hours of scheduled time. It may also vary package to package. Canceling appointments frequently affects your profile scoring in our system. 

No. You have to pay online upfront for all of our offered packages.

Yes. But you have to inform us only by phone call before 24 hours of scheduled time.

As it is a monthly service, you can review the timing monthly. You cannot change the scheduled timing of home visit middle of the month