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Ambulance Service

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ICU Ambulance Service

ICU Ambulance
ICU Ambulance
ICU Ambulance

The task of the ICU ambulance is to carry the patients who are severely injured or suffering from a heart attack, cardiac arrest, asthma attack, stroke, respiratory failure, severe bleeding, unconsciousness, seizures, burn, poisoning, head injury, polytrauma, pregnancy, diabetic emergency, etc. Our ICU ambulance is equipped with a biphasic defibrillator, ventilator device, volumetric infusion, syringe pumps, and oxygen cylinder and the fully automatic vehicle suspension system ensures comfort and safety for the patients. We are always ready to serve the patients with all the preparations at top-notch. We ensure the patients are under observation till the time they are admitted to the nearby hospitals. Our medical technicians (e.g. doctors, paramedics, ICU specialists) diagnose the patients for critical conditions.

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