Frequently Asked Questions

No, Sasthya Seba Limited is not an approved insurance providing company. But Sasthya Seba Limited has renowned partner insurance companies. Sasthya Seba just markets their insurance product through its digital platform (website, app).

We offer Life coverage enabled Health Insurance Plans.

The scope of the policy includes coverages for Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Permanent Partial Disability, Critical Illness (6 Diseases), IPD reimbursement, Per day basis Hospitalization Benefit, OPD with or without medicine & Tele doctor consultation service in addition to the Life Insurance. We also cover family members based on the customers’ requirements.

No. Our insurance plan does not require any routine tests.

The premium depends on the rider benefits and coverage amounts.

There are both online and offline processes to submit the claim. Customers may also take support from a 24/7 helpline. The claim settlement ratio is over 97% with processing time of 3-7 working days.

The life fund of the partner company is over 400 crores plus as of 2021 financial report and also has settled over 1000 crores for claim.

As many as claims supported by the coverage amount. No number limit.

No. Our products are Non-refundable by nature to keep the price low.

As the premiums are of single payment yearly premium, there are no waivers benefits except for the coverage insured will receive.