Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment fees vary doctor to doctor according to their experience and specialties. The fee for consultations is decided by individual doctors. We have no control over the price.

It's not just for people who are tech-savvy, though. Usability has been our key area of attention. Therefore, using the site shouldn't be a problem if you can manage a simple website or email. Now, if you want to schedule a doctor's appointment, simply use our search option and enter the name of the physician, their area of expertise, or the illness you have. When you see the appointment button and the doctor's brief bio, click it. Keep calm and follow the appointment platform's instructions; soon you will receive an appointment confirmation.

You can cancel an appointment before 24 hours of scheduled time. It may also vary doctor to doctor. Canceling appointments frequently affects your profile scoring in our system.

Although our goal is to help you schedule an online appointment for a visit to a doctor, we do not prohibit you from viewing the doctor's availability and profile.

Yes you can book multiple appointments on a single day. But, you cannot book multiple appointments of a single doctor on the same day. You can book a maximum of 5 appointments for you or for someone else per day with a maximum of 5 doctors.

Yes you can book an appointment and pay later, if the doctor allows payment at counter / chamber method. Otherwise you have to pay online while booking an appointment. For video call appointments you have to pay upfront always.

Depending on the doctor's schedule, you may reschedule an appointment just once. It is possible to do this up to 24 hours before the date for which the booking has already been made.

You can check all of your previous appointments from your Sasthya Seba Account in the appointment section.

Doctor may give you a printed prescription after every successful appointment. Also you will get that printed prescription as an image / pdf file in the appointment section in your Sasthya Seba Profile. 

If the doctor does not provide a printed version, he will generate a Digital Prescription, which will be available as an image / pdf file in the appointment section in your Sasthya Seba Profile.

Yes. Go to the doctor’s individual page, find the schedule and book appointment.

You can do it for anyone. Also in your profile setting page you will get a area to resgiter your family member, which will help you by less information input while making an appointment or booking any service.

It goes without saying that the service of a doctor is a very challenging yet very honorable job. But the question of why booking a doctor appointment at Sasthya Seba is also essential. Here is why:

  • Service is Priceworthy
  • Fast and Hassle-free Online Appointment Booking
  • Prompt Service of Specialized Doctors in Various Services
  • Consult with Specialized Doctors
  • Doctor Consultation (Over Video/Voice Call)
  • Can Show Reports to Doctors Instantly Online
  • Ambulance Service (AC, ICU, or AIR Ambulance)
  • Rich-quality Diagnostic Care and Cost-effective
  • 365/24/7 Reasonable Service Provider
  • Deliver Prescription Immediately
  • Home Physiotherapy Service
  • And Many Others

By origin, Sasthya Seba is a powerful online platform that serves integrated healthcare services. So, you can take lots of advantage of this service, such as:

  • Reserve Appointment Online
  • Instant Contact (Video / Voice Call)
  • Health Checkup Package
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospital Information
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Medical Instruments Rental
  • Diagnostic Home Service
  • Home Physiotherapy Service
  • Lab Test Sample Collection from Home
  • And Much More

These are the services from which you can take advantage instantly. On a quick note, they also have a mobile app that offers you to take immediate action when necessary.