Fast and Expert CCU Ambulance Response in Dhaka

Fast and Expert CCU Ambulance Response in Dhaka

For those who are facing cardiac emergencies, the CCU ambulance or Coronary care unit is like the lifeline where every second counts. Being equipped with medical personnel who are specialized in providing critical care for cardiac patients in emergencies and advanced facilities, the CCU ambulance service in Dhaka offers a swift and reliable means of transport. 

In this way among all the CCU ambulance services available in Dhaka city, Sasthya Seba Limited is known as one of the best. The ambulance service is recognized for its highest standards of medical assistance in cardiac emergencies. 

The CCU ambulance is specially tailored for critically ill cardiac patients. These ambulances are arranged with the equipment for patients to relieve their pain until they are taken to the hospital. 

Moreover, the ambulance service of the Sasthya Seba ensures quick response and fast transportation for individuals who are experiencing heart-related issues like severe chest pain or heart attacks. 

Why Choose The CCU Ambulance Service Of Sasthya Seba Limited? 

For any skepticism about choosing the CCU ambulance service of Sasthya Seba Limited, although it is natural, we’ve gathered good enough reasons to trust it. 

#1. Advanced Cardiovascular Equipment: 

The ambulances are equipped with advanced cardiovascular equipment like cardiac monitoring systems, defibrillators, ventilators, and all other essential tools for immediate assistance.

#2. Specialized Medical Personnel Team: 

The ambulances of the Sasthya Seba Limited are staffed with specialized medical personnel teams- paramedics and nurses who have expertise in cardiovascular emergencies. 

#3. Life-saving Support:

Being capable of providing life-saving support, for instance, intravenous medications, oxygen therapy, or all other assistance, they help in stabilizing the situations of cardiac patients while transporting them to the hospitals.

#4. Rapid Response Time & Transportation: 

More importantly, the CCU ambulance service of the Sasthya Seba has a rapid response time and transportation. You can get the ambulance service within only 30 minutes and will find them available 24/7. 

#5. Continuous Care: 

The Sasthya Seba Limited CCU ambulances are capable of providing continuous critical care to patients. 

So, choose the CCU ambulance service of the Sasthya Seba Limited for intensive cardiac care, fast response, safe and quick transportation, and expert intervention in critical moments, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

Sasthya Seba Limited Contact Details: 

Here we provided the contact details of the Sasthya Seba Limited for your assistance to reach them out at any moment or hour of the day. 

Address: House: 15, Road: 7, Block: C, Niketon, Gulshan -1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


  • 01405600700 (Primary)
  • 09611530530 (Hotline)

Request an Ambulance: If you need to request an ambulance, you can contact Sasthya Seba Limited at the provided phone numbers.

Feel free to use the "Request an Ambulance" service whenever necessary.