Get Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka, 01405600700

Get Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka, 01405600700

An ambulance service is like prehospital medical care that provides prompt and effective medical support in an emergency of the patient. Thus it should equip three crucial functions- 24/7 service, quick response in any situation, and qualified health care for any medical emergencies. 

If we look through the recent survey, the numbers of road accidents and injuries on Dhaka roads are increasing gradually and there is no control over the traffic jam. In this situation, it is truly challenging to find an ambulance in an emergency with all the special equipment for saving a life.

Thinking about this major fact, we decided to bring a comprehensive list of the best ambulance service in Dhaka for you! 

Types Of Ambulances Available In Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Ambulances are the most important services to transport patients in hospitals in the time of emergencies. 

There are different types of ambulance services available in Dhaka for different situations or according to the emergency needs of the patients

What are those and what are they specialized for? Let us check that out. 

1. Basic Life Support Ambulance Service [BLS] 

The BLS or the Basic Life Support Ambulance Service is the most common type of ambulance that is mostly used in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

These ambulances are equipped with advanced life support services and supplies. Basic Life Support Ambulance Services BLS are used for the patient in emergencies like a heart attack or stroke or those who have encountered an accident. 

2. Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service [ALS]

Advanced Life Support Ambulances are featured with advanced equipment to provide advanced life support to patients. 

These types of ambulances are staffed by paramedics who provide premedical service in critical conditions like cardiac arrests or trauma cases. 

3. AC Ambulance Service 

AC Ambulance Service is known as the basic ambulance service or the stretcher-carrying vehicle. 

The ambulance carries patients to the hospitals on stretchers. It is also called a one-person ambulance as the ambulance has a single attendant. 

Many countries in the world use AC ambulance services to provide pre-medical care for emergency patients. 

4. Non- AC Ambulance Service 

Non-AC ambulance services are a common choice for the general people as they are less expensive than the AC ambulances in Dhaka. 

But you should keep in mind that the ambulances may not be as comfortable as the AC ones for the patients. 

These types of ambulances are used in rural areas or for patients who cannot afford the expenses of AC ambulances. 

5. Freezing Ambulance Service 

Freezing Ambulances are used to keep the body of the deceased person preserved for several hours. 

In these ambulances, the body is preserved at a very low temperature about -5 degree Celsius while transporting it to the morgue or hospital. 

6. Air Ambulance Service 

You may think that air ambulance service must be available in advanced countries only. But not anymore! Surprisingly, you can also get this advanced and quick service in Dhaka too

In Dhaka, these ambulances are used for patients who are critically ill or injured and need medical care as soon as possible. 

Through air ambulances, patients are carried from one to another country from rural areas to cities if they need. 

7. ICU Ambulance Service 

ICU ambulances are also called the Pediatric Intensive Care Units or PICU ambulances. 

These ambulances are equipped with the features to provide intensive care for seriously ill patients while on the way to the hospitals. 

What Can You Expect From The Ambulance Service In Dhaka

We know, when you intend to get an ambulance service for any medical emergency conditions in Dhaka, there are certain things you may expect. 

Let us check out those things in which the Dhaka ambulance services are best accomplishing your expectations!

1. Standard Ambulance With Proper Equipment 

No wonder the ambulance service comes first before even getting the care from the hospitals. 

So, of course, when a patient trusts the ambulance service, it should be equipped with all the features that can prevent the patient's current situation from getting worse. 

Be assured as you will get all the proper equipment that one can expect from the standard ambulance service in Dhaka! 

The ambulance service here is very well-prepared and well-equipped to cope with any situation of the patient. 

Moreover, with skilled drivers, it gets to the hospital not only quickly but also in the safest possible way. 

2. Service Availability To Go Anywhere At Any Time 

We think the most uncertain thing in the world is to predict what will happen next. It is the same truth for the life of the people. 

Being said that no one knows when a person will need emergency medical care. So an ambulance service should be always available anywhere at any time. 

That being said, the ambulance service of Dhaka is at its optimum in this case. They are always ready there for you with pre-medical care 24/7 regardless of the road condition, weather situation, or difficulties of the time! 

3. Hygienic And Clean Ambulance 

It also matters a lot in the case of ambulance service as an unhygienic place is enough to make the patient's situation worse. 

That is why the ambulance service of Dhaka tries to keep their vehicle at top notch in hygiene and clean condition. 

4. Optimum Service At A Affordable Price 

In Dhaka, you can expect to get the optimum ambulance service at an affordable price

The price of the services varies depending on the ambulance type and to the distance of the destination. 

In most cases, the price includes fuel cost or driver allowance, and excludes waiting or parking charges. 

How Is The Condition Of Ambulance Service In Dhaka 

Sad to say, although having enough facilities, the ambulance service of Dhaka is to blame for some nexus of hospitals or syndicates. 

According to statistics from unofficial sources, about 9000 ambulances are running in the different districts of the whole of Bangladesh. 

Among them, 1500 are owned by public medicals and 1500 by private medicals. The individual operators own the rest. 

Especially in Dhaka city, every public medical hospital owns four or more ambulances for the service of the patients. 

But the patients complain that the private ambulance services or nexus of the public medicals keep the ambulance out of the service operation. 

They do so that the patients are left with no other option but to hire a private ambulance at higher prices. 

Although the authorities are concerned about this, we see no effective action to resolve this burning situation. 

All the patients urge for the allocation of public medicals so that the private ambulance or the individual operators cannot be able to use the helplessness of the patient's family for their own profit. 

Regardless of this hard situation, the ambulance services of Dhaka city try to come up with all the patients or their loved ones' expectations! 

Thus we’re here for you! After heading over all the reviews and feedback from the users, we’ve shorted this list. Pick any number and book an ambulance near you that will guarantee you the best service with well-trained staff!