Where to find Best Nephrologist In Dhaka?

Where to find Best Nephrologist In Dhaka?

Compared to the countries neighboring us, Bangladesh is no less in the number of urinary system-related issues and acute or chronic kidney diseases. Kidney-related diseases like erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, or kidney stones are a general phenomenon here.

But when renal patients look for a specialized and top-class nephrologist, the outcome of the result may be 'hard to find'. Despite this, it is not all disappointing as there are a number of the best nephrologists in Dhaka who are specialized in diagnosing and managing kidney disease, giving rise to the number of renal or kidney patients in a fix. It gives hope to renal patients who were previously feeling at a loss, of course! 

That is why, today, we have decided to introduce you to top-class nephrologists of Dhaka who are determined and guarantee you to offer top-notch and effective kidney treatments regardless of how critical the condition is! So, let us check that out.

Signs It Is A Time To See A Nephrologist 

Keep going on living with a kidney problem can be very difficult and it also affects the quality of life of a person. 

That is why, it is always necessary to be cautious of preventive kidney care. However, whenever you notice any symptoms of kidney disease, take it as a time to see a nephrologist.

Those signs may include.

  • High blood pressure not responding to medication
  • Hypertension
  • Alteration in urination 
  • Vomiting, nausea, or loss/ low appetite 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Acute renal failure
  • 30 or lower GFR or Glomerular Filtration Rate 
  • Brain fog 
  • Blood loss in the urine
  • Protein loss in the urine
  • Repeat urinary tract infections
  • Chronic urinary tract infections

What Diseases or Conditions Do Nephrologists Treat In Dhaka?

We know sometimes it is skepticism or simply just a general uncertainty about what disease condition the nephrologist can treat in Dhaka Bangladesh when you visit them with a kidney-related issue. 

To be truthful, nephrologists here provide comprehensive nephrology services delivering high-quality care involving the kidneys. 

There is a long list of renal kidney diseases that the nephrologist treats. Just take a look.

  • Diabetic and other kidney disease and high blood pressure 
  • Kidney failure and kidney stone diseases
  • Kidney infections and cystic kidney disease 
  • Nephrotic syndrome 
  • Renal or kidney disease end stage 
  • Renal parenchymal and pediatric kidney disorders
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome and urinary tract infections 
  • Hypernatremia and other electrolytic disorders 
  • Glomerulonephritis and toxic overdoses requiring dialysis 
  • Critical care nephrology
  • Polycystic and inherited kidney diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney diseases in pregnancy and Secondary diseases of the kidney

What To Expect At Your First Nephrologist Appointment In Dhaka City? 

When you are hoping to see a nephrologist in Dhaka city for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect. 

Typically, while visiting a nephrologist they will first review your medical history to get a grasp of your renal sign and symptoms, understanding whether there are any risk factors or any other health concerns affecting the normal function of the kidney. 

However, let us see some routine first steps that you can expect at your first nephrologist visit in Dhaka. 

- At first, to diagnose and confirm whether you have kidney disease or not, you will be given a urine and blood test. If it is necessary, the nephrologist may also suggest other renal tests. 

-Now the nephrologist will make an official diagnosis and CKD test to determine your Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD stage. They will talk to you about the care plans according to the results. 

-Based on the stage of your Kidney disease you can be referred to another renal care team member. You will also be referred to focus on eating well with the help of a renal dietitian. 

Overall, visiting a nephrologist in Dhaka city will be a thorough evaluation of the current condition of your kidney and offer you an effective care plan in renal management to improve your kidney health condition.

What Types Of Tests And Procedures Does A Nephrologist Perform In Dhaka City?

There are some common tests and procedures that the nephrologist does to diagnose and prognosis the condition of your kidney. 

Which test will be done or needed in the patient's case, the nephrologist will decide according to the sign and symptoms of the renal disease. Among them most common are-


#1- Renal Imaging Tests 

Some tests are included in the renal imaging tests. These tests are such as X-rays, Ultrasound, and CT scans. 

#2- Kidney Function Test 

Kidney function tests are done to determine the condition of the kidney or how well the kidney is working. These kidney function tests such as blood tests for estimating BUN or Blood Urea Nitrogen, serum creatinine, and GFR or Glomerular Filtration Rate estimation. Moreover, a urine test is, of course, included.

#3- Dialysis 

Dialysis is just like a lifesaver for patients who have kidney failure and in such cases, dialysis acts as an artificial kidney for them. 

It performs the function of the failed kidney as the kidney is not able to remove the waste product from the blood. 

That is why, during the dialysis process, your blood is drowned out through a machine that filters the waste product of the blood and returns the blood in the body. 

#4- Kidney Biopsy 

It is another type of renal test the nephrologist suggests to patients who have kidney disease with no known cause, transplanted kidneys, abnormal blood test results, hematuria, or proteinuria. 

In this test, the nephrologist will take a small tissue as a sample from your kidney and will diagnose the condition of your kidney to see whether it is functioning well or not.

#5- Kidney Transplant Care 

In kidney transplant surgery, a healthy kidney is transplanted to patients with kidney failure. 

The healthy kidney is inserted in the space of the pelvic region and the failed kidney always remains with the patient even after their failure. 

However, here in the main city Dhaka of Bangladesh, nephrologists are performing kidney transplant surgeries with success along with the transplant surgeons. 

They help the surgeon in the preparation of the procedure and can also be with the surgeon during the surgery. 

Nephrologists assist the patients with kidney transplants in their recovery and follow-up care.