Types of Ambulances In Bangladesh

Types of Ambulances In Bangladesh

If you're looking for emergency medical help, it's important to know that there are a variety of ambulance services in Bangladesh. They transport injured patients or those suffering from illness more conveniently. They can be a great resource for those living in rural areas or residing in areas located far from hospitals.

Ambulances come in various types, each designed to meet specific medical needs and transport requirements. They will serve different emergency needs in Bangladesh. 

 In this article, we'll give you details about the various types of ambulances in Bangladesh so that you can choose the best option.

Different Types of Ambulances in Bangladesh

The type of ambulance you choose is based on the health of the patient and the degree of care they need. 

Here are some of the most common types of ambulances in Bangladesh:

ICU Ambulance

The ICU ambulance is specifically designed to carry sick patients who need the most intensive medical treatment. They are equipped with the latest medical equipment and are staffed with qualified medical professionals who specialize in critical treatment.

People who require transport through the ICU ambulance are usually those who have suffered serious injuries or are suffering from an emergency medical situation like a heart attack or stroke, cardiac arrest or respiratory failure, asthma attack, severe bleeding or seizures, unconsciousness, burns or head injury or polytrauma, pregnancy complications, and other serious medical issues.

NICU Ambulance

The NICU ambulance, which stands for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ambulance, is a special ambulance that transports newborn babies who require urgent medical attention. The ambulances are outfitted with modern medical equipment and are manned by medical professionals who are trained and specialize in the field of neonatal health.

Sasthya Seba Limited is a popular provider of NICU ambulance services in Bangladesh. Their medical team is available to provide top-quality medical attention to patients in the event of an emergency.

PICU Ambulance

PICU ambulances are outfitted with the latest life support equipment and are used for transporting critically injured or ill patients. They have these specific options, including:

  • Special stretchers can accommodate large patients and help keep them in a comfortable position while they're being moved.
  • Big oxygen tanks that are large enough to supply the needed oxygen to the patient during their journey.

Freezing Ambulance

A freezing ambulance, often referred to as a "mortuary ambulance" or "funeral van," is used to transport deceased people from their place of loss to the mortuary or funeral house. The ambulances are fitted with refrigeration units to keep the body safe and ensure that the deceased is handled properly. They are usually operated through funeral houses, mortuaries, or special transport companies. They could also be used to transport bodies from one location to another in funeral or burial ceremonies.

The primary benefit of freezing ambulances is that it helps keep the deceased's body cool as it's taken to the morgue or hospital to avoid having to be kept in ice and a bucket of water.

A freezing ambulance allows you to transport patients more conveniently than ever. In this way staff members can concentrate on other tasks that are related to their work, not worrying about how hard it is to transport all those bodies every single day!

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance

BLS ambulances provide essential medical services and transport for patients suffering from non-life-threatening conditions. They usually carry basic equipment such as oxygen and stretchers as well as basic medical equipment along with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance

ALS ambulances are able to deal with more complicated medical emergencies and offer a greater level of service than BLS ambulances. They have sophisticated medical equipment like heart monitors and defibrillators, intravenous (IV) supplies, as well as medicines.

ALS ambulances are operated by paramedics who have received advanced training and are able to administer medications, provide advanced airway management, and offer more comprehensive medical treatment.

Critical Care Transport (CCT) Ambulance

CCT ambulances are designed to transport critically injured or ill patients who require extensive medical monitoring and treatment in transit. They are outfitted with modern life support equipment, such as infusion pumps, ventilators, and specialized monitoring equipment.

CCT teams usually comprise critical care nurses or paramedics who have specialized education in critical medicine for critical care.

Neonatal Ambulance

Neonatal ambulances are specially designed to ensure the secure transport of infants who are premature or sick newborns. They are outfitted with neonatal incubators and warmers, oxygen delivery systems, as well as medical equipment specifically tailored to the requirements of newborns.

Neonatal transport teams are medical professionals with experience in neonatal healthcare.

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances can be used to speedily transport people over long distances or reach remote areas that aren't accessible via road. They are fixed-wing or helicopters outfitted with medical gear comprising monitors and ventilators.

Air ambulance teams typically comprise paramedics, flight nurses, or physicians and are able to provide vital treatment during flight.

Ac ambulance service

This is among the most reliable types of ambulance in Bangladesh. An AC ambulance transports a patient in a hospital or a recently recuperated person to their residence. 

Since the temperature is hot throughout Bangladesh and we must wait for hours and hours in traffic, it could make an ordinary person sick. It is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature for the patient as well as those around them.

With the AC ambulance, you get plenty of space for the patient and their companions. If you need an ambulance, you should call Sasthya Seba Limited immediately for an ambulance.

Non – Ac ambulance service

This non-AC emergency ambulance is referred to as the general ambulance service. Sasthya Seba Limited ambulance service provides non-ac ambulance services 24 hours a day in Bangladesh. It is among the most reliable ambulance services. 

A car ambulance with AC is utilized to transport an injured patient to the hospital or to transport a person who has recently been treated to their residence. 


We hope that you've learned more about the various types of ambulances in Bangladesh.

You should choose those types of ambulances in Bangladesh that transport patients who are seriously ill or are receiving intensive treatment. They generally have larger staff sizes and can provide superior medical care to their patients.