Private Vs. Public Ambulance Service: Which Is Better In Bangladesh

Private Vs. Public Ambulance Service: Which Is Better In Bangladesh

If you need urgent medical help, it is important to be aware that plenty of ambulance services are available in Bangladesh. So let’s see Private Vs. Public Service: Which is better in Bangladesh?

Ambulance services offer emergency medical treatment to those suffering from injuries or illness. They can be a great resource for those living in rural areas or residing in areas located far from hospitals. 

It's necessary to visit an emergency medical facility. You should call an ambulance service to help you in these circumstances. So do you need to call an ambulance company, whether private or public service?

In this article, we'll give you details about the various types of ambulances and the services that are available in Bangladesh in addition to which one is better for you.

Types Of Ambulances 

Freezing Ambulance Service 

Freezing Ambulances helps preserve the body of a deceased for a number of hours.

In these ambulances, the body is kept at a temperature that is around -5 degrees Celsius when it is transported in the morgue.

ICU Ambulance Service 

ICU Ambulance is a specially designed service that is ready for patients suffering from cardiac emergency ailments or other concerns. Sasthya Seba Limited is known as one of the best in Bangladesh because of its comprehensive emergency services.

CCU Ambulance

The CCU ambulance is a great way to preserve the lives of patients with suspected myocardial infarction should there be delays in hospitalization. The cardiac ambulances are equipped with the most basic first aid kits along with oxygen cylinders, hydraulic beds, mobile ventilators, suction machines, nebulizer infusion pumps, etc.

What Is a Private Ambulance Service?

Private ambulance services are typically in the hands of non-governmental organizations. The features they offer have more flexibility because they are owned by individuals . Prices are more expensive but they're generally more efficient than public ambulance services.

They also have highly skilled medical professionals, such as paramedics and EMTs, making sure you receive the proper care.

In everyday circumstances, these services prove valuable. Imagine a scenario in which your loved one or you is injured in an accident and requires urgent transport to the nearest hospital. Private ambulance services are offering quick and efficient transport that will help patients get to the hospital quickly.

The only thing you need to remember with private ambulances is that you'll be responsible for costs associated with booking and the services they offer. Even though your health insurance may cover the cost, you'll need to pay a portion of the cost out of your own pocket.

Pros of a Private Ambulance Service

Here are a few reasons why you should think about private ambulance service:

  • Accessible and readily available
  • There are no restrictions on location or hospitals
  • The private ambulance will be more flexible.
  • Comfort and convenience

Cons of a Private Ambulance Service

Although private ambulance services might appear to be all-positive and the most suitable option, there are some disadvantages. These include:

  • The cost of service is high.
  • A limited regulation
  • Uncertain reliability

Public Ambulance Services

Public ambulances generally operate within the government rules. They're financed and operated by the government. In addition, in certain states, they're partially funded through taxes.

They usually help in emergencies that require medical assistance within a certain zone. That means public ambulance services seldom work outside their specific region.

There are a few limitations on the services that public ambulances offer. So despite their low prices, you should consider requesting an ambulance from a private company in case you require specific treatment alternatives during your journey.

Pros of Public Ambulance Services

Here's why you should think about using public ambulance services:

  • Lower cost
  • Timely Service 

Cons of Public Ambulance Services

While public ambulances can be inexpensive and efficient but they do have some disadvantages when compared with the private ambulance service:

  • Limitation to a certain zone
  • Rigid rules and specifications

Which Is Better In Bangladesh?

The biggest difference between private and public ambulance services is their ease of use and prices. Private ambulances provide greater security than public ambulances and are more expensive.

Although a medical transport service is available within a certain region, a private medical transport service isn't limited to a specific place. The public ambulance service is primarily accessible for emergencies, and you can also schedule a private ambulance service for non-urgent visits to hospitals.

For instance, if you or someone close to you is required to go to a dialysis appointment, taking a private ambulance service is the best option. Private ambulance services will help you to get to and from the hospital that you require, regardless of how far from where you are.

One of the major advantages of private ambulance services is that they tend to be less flexible than public ambulance services. Private ambulances are usually more able to offer a larger variety of options than public ambulance services and may also be better able to respond faster in emergency situations.

Another benefit of a private ambulance service is that it tends to be more customized than public ambulance services. Private ambulance services are capable of tailoring service offerings to suit the particular requirements of their clients and may also be able to provide higher levels of care than public ambulance services.

On the other hand, Public ambulance services give you timely services at a lower cost. 

Final thought

There you have! I hope now it will be easy for you to choose a specific service between Private and Public ambulance service.  

Private ambulance services have been gaining popularity as an alternative to emergency services offered by public hospitals. There are benefits and disadvantages to hiring a private ambulance but they could be an ideal option for people and companies who require medical transportation.