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Building, Road no:12, Raichandani Construction, Sri Ram Nagar Colony, Banjara Hills, Telangana, Hyderabad, 500034, India
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TX Hospitals Group is one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing chains of multi-super specialty hospitals. They have opened six healthcare facilities (including projects under development) in two years since opening our first hospital in Hyderabad in 2020. With their expansion across the country, they plan to open more locations than just Hyderabad, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, in addition to six fully functional hospitals with 100 beds. TX brand and logo projects offer treatment or therapy for every disease. TX offers a comprehensive array of integrated healthcare services, ranging from clinics, retail pharmacies, wellness centers, diagnostic labs, health insurance, home healthcare, Fertility Centers and quaternary care facilities. Thousands of patients are treated by the TX hospitals every year with a clear focus on raising the standards of health care in the country. Considering the strategic locations of our TX hospitals within the cities of India, they are easy to reach in an emergency. It has world-renowned medical teams that utilize the latest technologies, including international evidence-based protocols, to provide the most comprehensive treatment in all specialties of medicine across a wide range of terms. Upon providing quality, compassionate care to all of its patients, it places a high priority on clinical excellence, patient safety, dignity, transparency, affordability, and accessibility of quality care in order to ensure that all of its patients receive the best possible care in a patient-friendly environment. For more Information Call us: 09611 530 530.
The organization’s mission is to provide quality care to every patient in a patient-friendly environment with a focus on clinical excellence, patient safety, dignity, transparency, affordability, and accessibility of quality care.
To set a new dimension in healthcare by becoming the region’s leading hospital that surpasses patients’ expectation through comprehensive medical services.
Managing Body
Dr. Keerthikar Reddy
Dr. Keerthikar Reddy
Dr. Keerthikar Reddy is a highly respected Orthopedic surgeon, possessing over ten years of extensive and diverse experience in the field of Orthopedics, encompassing areas such as Arthroscopic Surgery, Trauma, and Sports Medicine. He stands out as a proficient and accomplished healthcare expert, showcasing remarkable clinical proficiency and managerial abilities. Furthermore, he serves as a visionary leader in healthcare management.
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Dr. Deepak Raju
Dr. Deepak Raju
Managing Director
Dr. Deepak Raju is a dynamic and passionate surgeon who possesses over 5 years of clinical experience and a wealth of surgical expertise. His skills extend beyond the operating room, as he excels in strategic planning, implementation, leadership, and hospital management. In addition to his surgical dexterity, he shines as a skilled strategist, prominent leader, adept planner, and forward-thinking visionary, despite his youth.
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Mr. Raveendra Reddy Rami
Mr. Raveendra Reddy Rami
Executive Director
Mr. Raveendra Reddy Rami has a Master Degree in Health Administration. In 15 years, he has achieved remarkable success by motivating teams and enhancing performance through a people-centered approach to hospital administration. As a seasoned healthcare executive, he possesses the unique ability to harmonize strategic decision-making and financial prudence with a hands-on style of leadership, leading to high levels of satisfaction among employees, patients, and physicians. He is a skilled communicator and adept at building strong relationships. His expertise spans organization planning, overseeing multimillion-dollar capital projects, negotiating contracts, fostering team development, and enhancing visibility to drive growth.
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Dr. Asna Zain
Dr. Asna Zain
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Dr. Asna Zain is a young doctor and a skilled management professional with substantial experience in all facets of healthcare administration and operations. Before becoming part of TX hospitals, she served as an Associate Vice President of Operations at a well-known hospital group in Hyderabad and also acquired clinical experience in the USA. Dr. Asna has a diploma in medical law and ethics from the prestigious National Law School University of India. She excels in both patient care and hospital management.
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