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17, 24 and 36 Garib-e-Newaj Avenue, Sector-11, Dhaka, 1230, Bangladesh
"Shin-Shin Japan Hospital invites you. We are delighted to have you as our valued guest in the realm of health services, ensuring your well-being in the field of medical care. We can proudly say that a modern and well-equipped healthcare facility is now Shin-Shin Japan Hospital, thanks to everyone's concerted efforts. Patients around the world choose hospitals for the preservation of their health treasures. Singapore, Thailand, India, Europe, and American hospitals are their preferences. Our main goal is to introduce Shin-Shin Japan Hospital, established through Japan-Bangladesh joint efforts, to the people across the country. Our primary aim is to establish Shin-Shin Medical City, enriched with the values of the advanced modern world, in Bangladesh. Despite limitations, we have over two hundred powerful personnel and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The undeniable truth is that behind the unprecedented success of our hospital lies the hard work and unwavering belief of everyone. Another goal of ours is to ensure the best environment for patient care. We have been on this journey for more than a decade with great success. This extensive experience helps us maintain international standards in healthcare continuously. We take pride in walking this continuous path. We are pleased with the progress at Shin Shin Japan Hospital. In providing medical services, we are committed to maintaining international standards, and for health services, we pledge internally as the Shin-Shin family."
To create a diverse and vibrant graduate scholars in medical discipline and to create highly competent and committed physicians for the country.
To provide an appropriate learning environment where medical students can acquire a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills with empathetic attitude to the people. To carry out research in medical sciences to scale up the standard of medical education in the country.

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