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House: 08, Road: 02, Dhanmond, Dhaka, 1205, Bangladesh
Popular Medical College Hospital, a healthcare facility with over 500 beds, stands as a prominent provider of private medical services in Bangladesh. This accomplishment is the result of an unwavering dedication to enhancing the well-being of individuals with a commitment to service excellence that has persisted since its establishment in 2009. Popular Medical College Hospital is a part of the Popular Group, the foremost medical business conglomerate in the nation.
By 2025, Popular Medical College Hospital aims to become the foremost healthcare institution in the country, recognized not only for its medical services but also as a prominent producer of high-tech, high-quality, and cost-effective pharmaceuticals.
Our goal is to create a hospital environment that fosters innovation and provides top-tier technical support. This environment will not only benefit our society but also serve as a driving force for the betterment of humanity.