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Tony Tower, 33 Shahid Faroque Rd, Dhaka, Dhaka, 1204, Bangladesh
POPULAR DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE LTD . is an advanced Centre for diagnostic and medical services. It is one of the prestigious diagnostic complexes of Bangladesh which started its activities in 1983. Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. is the largest diagnostic services provider organization in the private sector of the country. It is been a pioneer in introducing the world’s latest medical equipment and advanced technology to provide round-the-clock medical investigations and consultancy services.
To establish a referral Diagnostic and Medical Services Centre.
The goal is to offer high-quality diagnostic services to the people of the country at an affordable price, reducing the need for patients to seek medical treatment abroad and spend their hard-earned foreign currency. This will be achieved by providing diagnostic services that meet international standards. Additionally, renowned General Practitioners, Consultants, and Professors in various medical fields will provide outpatient treatment. The focus is also on promoting health education and medical services. A day care center will be established to cater to follow-up care for cardiac, renal, and oncology patients. The long-term objective is to establish a fully equipped specialized hospital offering tertiary medical services. Furthermore, the plan includes the establishment of satellite collection centers.

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