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3081, Nayabad Ave, New Garia, Pancha Sayar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Kolkata, 700094, India
Under the guidance of Founder & Medical Director Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhyay, our hospital has started its journey since 2004 with all types of cancer treatment and therapies. Its mission is to cater to the poor and middle class cancer patients with world class and all modern facilities at an affordable cost in a professional and compassionate manner. The hospital renders therapeutic service for all types of cancer and blood disorders. it has a well-equipped and modern cancer diagnostics unit and a well equipped Nuclear Medicine department. The hospital also conducts research in the fields of Molecular Biology, Stem cell Biology, Cancer Biology and Haematology. It is recognised by SIRO (Govt. Of India). Now a days we are running a 150 bedded cancer hospital catering to all economic classes of West Bengal as well as other states of Eastern India and Bangladesh.
To create a diverse and vibrant graduate scholars in medical discipline and to create highly competent and committed physicians for the country.
To provide an appropriate learning environment where medical students can acquire a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills with empathetic attitude to the people. To carry out research in medical sciences to scale up the standard of medical education in the country.

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