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Hi-Care General Hospital & Diagnostic Centre Ltd. started its journey as Hospital & diagnostic centre in June 2013 with a Promise to render the possible standard service to the people of the country at an affordable cost and in turn to limit the outflow of the patient abroad at the expense of heard earn foreign currency. When I started working in medicine department of BSMMU, I saw that thousands of people of our country are going to abroad every year only for treatment. The country was losing millions of taka worth foreign currency. That time I felt, as a Doctor I must do something about it. I had the spirit but didn’t have the resources. From that inspiration I started Hi-Care General Hospital & Diagnostic Centre Ltd.
*To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community. *To provide healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community which it serves. *To carry on educational and research activities related to the provision of care to the sick and injured or related to the promotion of health.
Vision Hi-care General Hospital will Create healthier communities by creatively challenging individuals to be more responsible for their personal health status. Relentlessly pursue unparalleled quality, value, patient, customer and staff satisfaction. Create the national model for integrated health care service deliver. Be cherished as the best place to come for care and the best place to work.

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