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Plot 81, Block: E, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, 1229, Bangladesh
Evercare Hospital Dhaka is a private hospital in Bangladesh and Part of Evercare group. It was previously called Apollo Hospital Dhaka. Evercare Hospital is a renowned healthcare institution dedicated to providing patient-centric, high-quality medical services while emphasizing compassion, clinical excellence, and community health. Committed to innovation and ethical practices, Evercare Hospital aims to be a leader in the healthcare industry, transforming the landscape through cutting-edge care, advanced research, and medical education. Their vision is to enhance patient experiences, set new standards in healthcare, and become a trusted healthcare partner, upholding their values of compassion, integrity, and community well-being.
Evercare Hospital's mission revolves around patient-centered care, clinical excellence, compassion, and community health. Their commitment is to provide high-quality healthcare services that prioritize individual patient needs and preferences, delivered with empathy and kindness by skilled healthcare professionals. They actively engage with their communities through health education and preventive care, contributing to the overall well-being of the regions they serve.
Evercare Hospital's vision is to be a leading, innovative healthcare institution committed to excellence, transforming the healthcare landscape by providing cutting-edge medical care and enhancing patient experiences. They aspire to set new standards in clinical proficiency, research, and medical education, while continuing to uphold their core values of compassion, integrity, and community well-being. In doing so, Evercare Hospital aims to be a trusted healthcare partner and a beacon of medical excellence for the communities they serve.