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Desun More, 720, Eastern Metropolitan Byp Rd, Golpark, Sector I, Kasba,, Kolkata, 700107, India
DESUN Hospital enjoys the distinction of being the first Superspeciality hospital in the Kolkata region. We at Desun, stand before you with unwavering commitment to our shared vision. Our mission is clear – to deliver unparalleled healthcare services accessible to all. We believe in healing with compassion, combining cutting-edge technology with a human touch. Our pledge is to make quality healthcare affordable, ensuring no one is denied the right to well-being. Together, we embark on a journey where health knows no boundaries. Let this hospital be a sanctuary of hope, where the pursuit of wellness is not a privilege but a right.
To serve each patient with individualized care through dedicated and professionally competent healthcare team using advanced technology and efficient leadership.
To deliver patient-focused comprehensive healthcare services through facilities of International Standard.

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