Dr. Md. Nesar Uddin Shaker
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Dr. Md. Nesar Uddin Shaker

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Dr. Md. Nesar Uddin Shaker, a physiotherapist and gerontologist, is one of the pioneer physiotherapy doctors in Bangladesh. He obtained his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) degree from Dhaka University’s medicine faculty. He Also Completed his Masters of Physiotherapy ( MPT) from the Center for the Rehabilitation of the paralysed (CRP) under the faculty of medicine at the University of Dhaka. He earned another master’s degree in Gerontology and Geriatric welfare from the University of Dhaka after finishing his bachelor’s degree. Aside from that, he continued his ETGOM-Cyriax diploma in orthopedic medicine and musculoskeletal medicine. Dr. Md. Nesar Uddin Shaker, is a dynamic leader in the field of physiotherapy. Now he works as the Organizing Secretary of the Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) from July 2023. Previously, he worked as joint organizing secretary on the central committee of the Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) from June 2018 to June 2023. BPA is a member organization of World Physiotherapy. Clinical attachments Dr. Md. Nesar Uddin enjoys his clinical practices and has established one at Remedy Physiotherapy Center, where he also works as a physiotherapy officer and center manager. Then he joined Bangladesh Spine and Orthopedic Hospital as a consultant. He is now the department head and chief consultant of the physiotherapy department at KC Hospital and Diagnostic Center. He is also the chief consultant and coordinator of Physio Zone.
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